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Nice Progress Team!


Nice progress team! Since my last post, we have downed 2 new bosses.

  • Atramedes
  • Conclave of Wind

In our targeting sights are:

  1. Cho’gall
  2. Al’Akir
  3. Nefarian

Please welcome our newest members to the guild:

  • Champz; and
  • (hopefully returning seriously) Jim.

Champz in real life

We will also be invitingTankySpanky to the guild.

Best wishes to the following departing members.

  • Aggarim
  • Shammit,
  • Adzy
  • WravensMage
  • Satyricon

Shammit in particular will be sorely missed.

Missing in action are: Blut and Nation. Are these guys in or out? Time will tell.

MIA: Blut & Nation

Now we are in a race to complete all 12 before 4.2. Can we do it? I suspect we will get 11 but not 12. None-the-less we are in with a fighting chance for 12.

When 4.2 comes out, we need to think carefully about our long-term progression strategy. I’m a little bit disapointed that we did not do better over the last six months. Looking back, we made a decision to prioritise gearing up over progression. I think I would have preferred to go the other way around and end up with 12/12, but less well geared. Still we havent done too badly, its been of tonne of quality entertainment.


Ascendancy Council smashed! Cho’gall on notice!


Woah! What just happened? On Wednesday, Stercus Accidit just downed Ascendancy Council for the first time. Nemora went back to tanking for this attempt after doing a sterling job healing through Halfus and Valonia. And what a night of achievments it was. Halfus was one-shot for the very first time.

The key the Ascendency Council is manageing the Heart of Ice and switching to Ignatius a little prematurely.

At the end of the night, with 7 minutes to spare, Mimori did his Leroy Jenkins impresson on Cho’gall. Very funny Mim, but wait till you get a hold of this:

Mimori dies and goes AFK. Keys drops trap around his face and Crumboo tea-bags him (a lot). Lav comes to Mim’s rescue and polymorphs Crumboo into a rabbit for punishment. This is what happens to you in Stercus Accidit @ Saufang if you go AFK. Never let your guard down, or you wake up with the taste of sweaty Orc in your mouth.

The next night, our team tore through 4 BWD bosses. On Sunday the team had a solid warm up against Cho’gall. Looking forward to Monday night’s raid!

Stercus Accidit rounds the corner. Behold! Nefarion is in sight.


This blog will be a Group Blog. That means any guild member could author an entry. To become an editor, you will need to send me your email address. If you are a bit tetchy about giving out your email address, just make up a disposable one from yahoo, google, hotmail etc. Just remember to keep a record of your password, so you can be validated.

Forum Image

What is the point of it when we have forums, you say? Continuous journal type content can be put into a forum topic, but its not as nice to read. Also you can’t permalink a forum post like you can a blog post. Also search engines cant find our private forums, but the blog will be public readable. Also much easier to put in screen shots into blog than forum. Disadvantages: Blog would be external to the main website; and in forums we get a very nice wow-head based hover hint for WoW loot items. We will not get the hover hints on a blog.

The idea is that this blog would be a nice readable and entertaining journal of our sojourn through the game. It wouldnt be a place for strategy discussions, debates, questions etc. – these are best handled by traditional forums.

What bosses have we downed?

  • Magmaw
  • Omnitron
  • Maloriak
  • Chimaeron
  • Halfus
  • Valiona & Theralion

Current progression targets:

  • Atramedes
  • Twilight Ascendant Council

Who are we:

Core raiders

Core raiders are the members we are most likely to use for progression bosses. They have strong raid performance, are well geared, are loyal, committed to raiding 4 nights per week and have a strong attendance record. In the case of switch roles, the role is described as “main spec / off spec”.

  • Guyver – Main tank, Raid Leader.
  • Crumboo – Off tank / MDPS
  • Winterleaf – RDPS, Guild Leader.
  • Mimori – RDPS
  • Keyaiellan – RDPS
  • DaddyHPriest – Heals
  • ZaraPally – Heals / Off tank
  • Grukk – MDPS / Heals
  • Alution – Heals / MDPS
  • Shammit – Heals

Elite raiders

Core raiders are the members who will frequently be subbed in for on non-progression bosses, and are our first choice of substitute for vacancies when we go up against progression bosses. They have strong raid performance, committed to raiding 4 nights per week and have a strong attendance record.

  • WravensMage – RDPS
  • Agarim – RDPS
  • KillMaim – MDPS
  • Nation – Heals


Casuals are members who cannot fully commit to the raid schedule of 4 nights per week, 3 hours per session, on a reliable basis.

  • Callistra – RDPS
  • Adzy – Tank / MDPS
  • Krumlock – MDPS
  • Laveneem – RDPS
  • Magamis – MDPS
  • Blutkampfer – Tank / MDPS

Looking ahead

We are so close to Nefarion guys! Don’t lose your nerve. I know there is advantage in continuing to farm the lower BWD bosses, but we can do this, and we canĀ  do it soon. Have some faith, and we will be killing Magmaw on heroic in a few short weeks!

Keep the faithFaith